Seventech has been in the lighting industries since 2004 as an OEM supplier to various markets such as Malaysia, Cyprus, Indonesia, India and Europe for their respective brands.

As we progress along, we placed significant focus on our operation in Malaysia where the energy solution industry is blooming following several Government policies As such,we begun providing branding solutions, interior design solutions, renovation solutions on top of our flagship, LED solutions.

Following our expansion in Malaysia, our clientele has expanded tremendously over the years featuring global conglomerates, expatriates, luxury home and more.

We take pride in our services and consultation to allow our clients enjoy the process of realization without going through the hassles of getting the right people to do the right job.


To provide excellent services to our stakeholders while achieving high standards in delivery


- We are committed to an energy-conserving environment- We are committed to deliver high level of service to all our stakeholders

- We are committed to progress with all our stakeholders in the industry to deliver only the best to our clients

Over the years, we have established Seventech as a full service showroom, household and workplace renovator as we provide our respective clients with integrated solutions starting from branding, interior design, LED solution and renovation where all conceptualization becomes reality.

We believe in taking our clients’ problems to our hands where our clients are only required to share their ideas with us and we will take it from there when your ideas are not longer ideas but reality.

Our services would be ideal to those who seek a refreshed look into their branding exercise and startups whom are looking into making a presence in their respective industry.

A key pillar in the business model in the of Seventech, Seventech provides branding solutions to our clients when it comes to strengthening and positioning their brand in the irrespective industry. Clients are being covered from logo design down to the in-store display panel design.

Another key pillar in Seventech’s business model where Seventech manages all of our clients’ interior design requirements and making them into reality. Aside from ensur­ing the efficiency and practicality of the design produced,Seventech also ensures that their clients are no way short changed by the contractors.


As of the pioneers in the LED solutions industry, Seventech source for only the highest grade of materials for their clients while ensuring their products are able to meet their requirements while conserving the natural environment. What really sets the difference between Seventech and other solution provider is that we also provide customization in terms of lighting solutions on top of being a lighting consultant.

An important pillar in Seventech’s business model, the final stage in making our clients’ dream a reality where every single details towards the completion of the project is being closely monitored from the beginning till the end to give our clients’ a peace of mind.

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To established the company as a leading full service provider that delivers nothing but the best to our respective clients.

In the next five years:

Seventech aims to expand our current operation to our neighboring countries like Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia within the ASEAN region.

We are also committed in expanding our current service team to reach out to our clients’ needs with various product trainings to allow our consultation to be of global standards.

In the following ten years:

Seventech aims to expand into key markets within Asia such as Hong Kong, China, and the Middle East.

Sharps Malaysia . Grand Imperial . Beverly Heights . Kitschen . The Chicken Rice Shop . Marry Merry

Secret Recipe . Flemington Hotel . Awana Genting Highlands . Hauni . Vista Kiara .Hotel Pari

Station Kopitiam . Prescott Inn . Belum Rainforest Resort . Tower Regency and etc...



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Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia .

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